Our commitment to stakeholders, staff and the environment

A & J Ryan take their commitment to their stakeholders, staff and the environment very seriously and as such, have a number of policies which address this dedication to sustainability.

For our stakeholders

We take time to listen to and learn from our customers, employees and the communities surrounding our sites. We strive to involve our stakeholders in decision making because we recognise that other points of view are important.

For the environment

We have developed a set of systems which embed efficiency into our company culture. We use environmentally friendly products wherever possible and actively strive to minimise waste and reduce pollution where possible.

We choose to work with suppliers who also embrace these values.  As such,  all our suppliers adhere to FSC sustainably sourced wood and paper and they are all FORS and CLOC’s compliant.

We remind our staff and subcontractors of our sustainability policies on a regular basis and encourage their feedback on how we can further improve.

We work closely alongside our clients to promote sustainability across all areas of our work, including the utilisation of designated recycling bins provided, as well as educating our workforce through the use of toolbox talks and seminars.

A & J Ryan are committed to sustainability and ongoing improvement. If you are thinking of working with us and would like further information on our sustainability policies, please get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you.

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