Health & Safety

Meeting and exceeding Health and Safety standards throughout the company

A & J Ryan have a strong commitment to very high Health and Safety standards and we do everything in our power to not only adhere to the minimum requirements, but to exceed them wherever possible.

Robust internal systems and processes have been carefully developed which mean Health and Safety procedures are implemented as standard at all of our sites and on every project. These processes are independently audited on a regular basis to ensure we remain compliant and new rules and regulations are captured and acted upon without fail.

We conduct regular, independent and impartial health and safety audits at all of our sites. Any potential hazards are quickly identified and controls are implemented to protect all staff, contractors and visitors to the site.

Our commitment to health and safety practices reaches further than just our working sites and we actively invest in Health and Safety training, both for site and office staff.

All site supervisors have 5 day SMSTS qualifications as well as being trained First Aiders. We insist on all our employees and sub-contractors having CSCS cards.

As well as ensuring our own staff are fully compliant with health and safety rules and regulations, we take great care to make sure that our sub-contractors also adhere to the same high standards. We choose our sub-contracting partners carefully, always checking thoroughly that they have similar processes as ourselves. This makes it a simple task to audit them alongside our own staff.

We have an excellent health and safety record.

Working with A & J Ryan means peace of mind for our clients and a safe working environment for any person working on or visiting our projects.

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