A & J Ryan – Your project partner

A & J Ryan isn’t simply a team of over 80 staff, all of whom are highly skilled in their individual areas of expertise and in building mechanical services as a whole. They are a team of people who are absolutely passionate about what they do.

This close-knit group are led by two Directors with over 70 years of experience between them. Not only that, but they are willing to share this knowledge with their employees to ensure that each and every project they undertake benefits from that depth and breadth of experience.

Their own passion and drive for excellence ensures that the whole company is completely committed to delivering perfection, and nothing less.

The way in which these extremely high standards are delivered relies on close interaction with the client. While the entire work force at A & J Ryan have the experience and skills to work on multiple, high specification projects, the company allows customers direct access to the owners of the business. This is a highly reassuring fact and means that the client is always able to speak to a real person about all aspects of their project.

The team knows that the tiny details are of the greatest importance. On every single project, no matter how large, the same high levels of care, consideration and attention are given.

The Company Directors are mechanical engineers themselves and are directly involved with the installation and engineering of the services provided. This close interaction supports the company’s dedication to delivering projects, on time and on budget.

Proud of our commitment to excellence

A & J Ryan are specialists in residential building mechanical services and they have been in business for over 25 years. Their teams have worked on numerous high end projects, most with budgets in excess of £5M, and understand that an absolutely first class finish is of paramount importance.

Among other services, they have successfully installed natural gas services, above ground foul drainage, central district heating systems, hot and cold water services, mechanical ventilation systems, BMS controls, all including testing and commissioning.

A & J Ryan are extremely proud to say that staff retention, both in their head office and on-site, is second to none. Within the team, there is almost nothing that at least one of them hasn’t seen before and finding a solution to a tricky problem is a simple task.

A comfortable working environment alongside regular training to keep staff up to date with changes in the industry shows the team that they are highly valued. While this clearly benefits them, it also benefits the customer too, as a satisfied work force is always keen to go the extra mile to ensure excellence.

A & J Ryan would be proud to be your partner on your next building project. Why not get in touch today to discuss how they can help.

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